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Kinderkraft Baby Cot Neste Dark Gray

- option of a free-standing baby cot
- may be attached to the parent's bed
- replaces the travel cot
- simple and safe fixing system
- fast folding/unfolding system
- suitable for all kinds of beds
- compact when folded:
- protection against accidental folding
- stable, reinforced structure
- 5-level adjustable height of the cot,
- angular adjustment (max 2 levels of difference)
- easy to transport
- dimensions of unfolded cot:
- Easy to keep clean
- bag for easy transportation,
- soft mattress with dimensions
- mesh in the front of the cot
- cotton sheet
- two side pockets for small items
DETAILS frame: steel, cover: polyester 100%
DIMENSIONS Length: 98 cm Width: 69 cm Height: 84.5cm Weight: 9kg


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