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Kinderkraft Casco Safety Grigio

- compliant with EN 1078 standard for cycling, skateboard and skateboard helmets, CE certified
- a thick shell and cushioning inner layer provide a high protection level to child's head
" 11 ventilation openings to remove excess heat
- very light, weight of product: 220-250g
- ease of use
- perfect for a run bike, scooter, roller skates or skateboard
- the shell is anatomically designed, protecting the entire head
- the strip tension control system adjusted under the chin provides a comfortable and stable fit that ensures the child's safety and driving comfort
- adjustment knob - adjusting range 48-52 cm
- the structure takes into account the field of view
- made of shock-absorbing material

DETAILS: The helmet consists of inner and outer layer. The inner layer is made of hardened polystyrene foam
- Outer shell: 100% ABS
- Belts: 100% nylon
- Buckle: POM+PA66
* Velcro: 100% nylon
- Internal polystyrene: 100% Expanded polystyrene
- Internal cushions: nylon + polystyrene
- Adjusting element: PA66+TPR/PP

DIMENSIONS Length: 24 cm Width: 21 cm Height: 14.5cm Weight: 0.274kg


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